How much money can I make from matched betting?

There’s no single answer to this question as everybody’s results will be different. How much you make depends on various factors such as the amount of time you spend on it, your starting bank roll, whether you have any existing bookmaker accounts and whether you want to utilise the high street bookies to name a few.

What I can tell you is that making £500 per month is easy. I’ve seen people claim on matched betting forums and Facebook pages that they make £20k+ a year. That would be difficult unless you treat it like a full time job, but £6k a year is easy, £10k a year is certainly achievable. And remember, it’s tax-free.

How much money do I need to start matched betting?

The quick answer is as much as you can afford. There’s no specific amount, but if you can afford £200, that would be a decent start. But, if you’ve only got £20 you can start with that. Do the Skybet welcome offer first and you’ll have more than doubled your bank roll on your first offer. The more you start with, the quicker you can progress through the welcome offers and grow your bank roll.

Do I need any experience to start matched betting?

Absolutely not. Zero experience is required to start matched betting. In fact, knowing nothing about sport or betting is an advantage in some ways as you won’t be tempted to think you know what the result will be and underlay or overlay your bets risking profit. Just follow the videos and instructions and you’ll be making tax-free profits in no time.

Is matched betting really risk-free?

Yes, there is zero risk with matched betting. If you follow the instructions your money is never at risk. You always know before you place your bets what your profit or qualifying loss will be. There are strategies that more experienced matched bettors employ which may come with a certain amount of risk, but the basic matched betting techniques are 100% risk free.

Are the profits really tax-free?

Yes, in the UK and Ireland. Gambling has been non-taxable in the UK and Ireland since 2001. With the emergence of online bookmaking, UK bookmakers’ business was being threatened by foreign gambling sites forcing the government to change the gambling legislation. Even professional gamblers don’t pay tax on their income. If you’re outside the UK and Ireland, check the laws where you live.

What can I do after the bookmaker welcome offers?

Don’t worry, there are plenty of ways to make tax-free profits from bookies other than welcome offers. And you’ll find out all about them when you sign up.

What if I don’t live in the UK or Ireland?

Well, you probably won’t be able to open any accounts with UK bookies.  But if gambling is legal where you live and you have access to a betting exchange then it will work for you. Obviously, if gambling is taxable where you live, your profits will be affected.

Will matched betting affect my credit rating?

Simple answer. No.

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