Who can Make Money from matched Betting?

Ask yourself the following questions. If you answer yes to all four, then you can start matched betting.

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Are you at least 18 years old?

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Do you have internet access?

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Can you spare a few hours a week?

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Do you want a second income?

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But you don’t have to take our word for it

Matched betting has been featured in various national publications including The Guardian, The Daily Mail, Huffington Post UK and The Telegraph. And they all came to exactly the same conclusion! Matched Betting is 100% real and it works! Click on the images below to read the articles (a subscription is required for The Telegraph article).

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After reading an article on making money from free bets Jason Shearer, a former financial advisor, decided to try it for himself. He made £770 in a month from just 31 bets. He spent an hour a day at his computer matched betting. Read Jason’s story in The Guardian.

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The Daily Mail tells the story of student nurse Carlene Harris who was £2,000 in debt until she discovered matched betting. In just 3-5 hours a week she made £10,000 a year in tax-free profits. She’s bought a car and saving a deposit for her first home. Read Carlene’s story in the Daily Mail.

Owen Burek, editor-in-chief at Save the Student tried matched betting after reading that people were making up to £30 per hour tax-free. Initially sceptical, he jumped in headfirst and even, as he admits himself, after making a few mistakes made over £800 profit. Enough for a nice holiday!

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An article in The Telegraph from August 2019 reveals that thousands of millennials and students are successfully using matched betting as a second source of income. You’ll need a Telegraph subscription to read the article, but they currently offer a free one-month trial.

How to Start Matched Betting – a step-by-step course for beginners

About the course

When you buy How To Start Matched Betting you will learn step-by-step exactly how to start making profits from matched betting. Here’s just some of what you will discover:

  • In-depth guides to all aspects of matched betting
  • How to place your bets
  • How to use a betting exchange
  • Different types of matched bets
  • Different types of bookmaker offers
  • Common mistakes in matched betting
  • Tips on how to avoid mistakes
  • What to do if you make a mistake
  • Video Tutorials and real examples
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  • The dos and don’ts of matched betting
  • Full colour images and real examples
  • How to keep your betting accounts healthy
  • What to do when you’ve been ‘gubbed’
  • All about bet clubs
  • A full glossary of matched betting terminology
  • Quizzes to check your understanding
  • Matched betting checklists
  • Affiliate program – get paid for referrals

So, where’s the proof?

Matched betting has been covered by many newspapers and media outlets over the years. There are an estimated 100,000+ matched bettors in the UK, but that number should be at least 10 times higher. I mean, who wouldn’t want an additional £6k – £12k a year? Tax-free!

Below are some of our own matched betting results from the last week. As you can see there are some bets still to settle. If England win the Women’s European Championships, a further £147 can be added to the total. And if they don’t, we get out money back from the exchange, so we’ve lost nothing. If Rishi Sunak becomes the next Prime Minister, that’s £66 in profit, if he doesn’t, it’s still £50 in tax-free profit. So, as you can see, losing isn’t an option!

How to Start Matched Betting – a step-by-step course for beginners

Can Anyone Make Money From Matched Betting?

YES, absolutely. With How To Start Matched Betting you DO NOT need any EXPERIENCE whatsoever.

  • It DOESN’T matter if you have never made a penny online before.
  • It DOESN’T matter if you’ve never made money from your mobile before.
  • It DOESN’T matter what background you come from.
  • It DOESN’T matter if you are 18 years old or 80 years old.
  • It DOESN’T matter if you’ve got ZERO technical ability because there is NOTHING ‘techy’ involved.
  • It DOESN’T matter if you don’t have much spare time as it only takes a few hours each week.
  • It DOESN’T matter if you know nothing about sports.
  • It DOESN’T even matter if you have never placed a bet before.

In fact, there are only two requirements to profit from matched betting. You must be at least 18 years old and you must have a bank account. If that’s you, then YOU can start making TAX-FREE PROFITS today.

When you buy How To Start Matched Betting you’ll quickly learn how to start making a profit and you can use what you learn to make money week after week, month after month and year after year. You could easily make back what you spent on this course in your first week of matched betting. And remember, not only is it TAX-FREE, it’s also COMPLETELY RISK-FREE. You CANNOT LOSE.

Our Promise To You

We’re so confident that you’re going to make thousands of pounds in tax-free profits from How To Start Matched Betting that we are offering you a full refund.

You should easily be able to earn enough profits in your first month to more than cover the cost of the course. But, we understand that sometimes other things can get in the way, so we’re giving you a full THREE MONTHS to make back your money.

Yep, that’s THREE whole months. If you haven’t made at least what you paid for the course in profits, we’ll refund the full cost of the course. So, it’s doubly risk-free. You really have nothing to lose.

Check the Refund Policy for full details.

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How To Start Matched Betting was written for the UK and Ireland where gambling is legal and non-taxable. If you are not in the UK or Ireland, please check the gambling laws where you live before purchasing this product. How To Start Matched Betting cannot be held responsible for the misuse of the information contained within.

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